CamPro Express 64

Network Surveillance Software

  • Support Upto 64 Channels
  • Support H.264, MPEG, MJPEG
  • Support MegaPixel Resolution
  • Built-in Multiple Video Playback Functions
  • Support Web Monitor
  • Support Remote Control function
  • Free for every IPcam
  • Add to compare
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Network Surveillance Software

Autor: Neudert Leoš

The CamPro Express 64 is the ideal video management software for home to enterprise application. It’s capable of managing up to 64 AirCam IP cameras. Deliver and store high quality live video on the network. Depending on the built-in graphic analyzes function; CamPro Express 64 can detect the motion area to pixel accuracy. Remote monitoring and playback is possible through the web browser. CamPro Express 64 is compatible with most major brand cameras and its ability to automatically search and find the available cameras on the network can greatly reduce the user’s effort when configuring the system. Drag and drop video placements The CamPro Express 64 Support Drag and drop video placements. You can click any video live stream and place any block of live monitor. Live View E-Map The CamPro Express 64 support live view E-Map, when motion detection function was enabled. The live video of the camera will pop up on the map when some event is triggered. Remote Live View The CamPro Express allows you to monitor 64 channels via the computer and WEB UI. You can also choose to view the different camera in single view or 1/4/9/16/32/64 view over internet. Support Multiple Monitor CamPro Express 64 support up to 4 monitors. User could take one monitor for Live View, other monitor for the E-Map, Event View, Playback Monitor. The CamPro Express 64 can be using in different environment. That can be using Airport, Shop, Office, Hallway, Basement, Elevator Environments.

Datum: 28.1.2012 00:00