CamPro Express

Network Surveillance Software

  • Client-server Architecture
  • Manage up to 32 Network Cameras
  • Support H.264, MPEG, MJPEG
  • Support MegaPixel Resolution
  • Built-in Multiple Video Playback Functions Support Web Monitor Support Remote Control function
  • Web monitor
  • Add to compare

Network Surveillance Software

Autor: Neudert Leoš

In most cases, users usually look for software to manage their IP Camera system in the office or building. They can easily find free or trial version software in the internet. Even they can get software from package of IP Camera. However, these softwares from IP Camera makers usually limit your applications and you have to pay license fees to get full version of it. Can these softwares meet your requirements? How are their performances? Although they are easy to get, but sometimes shut down or crashed because of inexplicable reasons, do you still need them for your system? CamPro Express is the first package software in AirLive™. After development of nearly half year and feedbacks from customers, AirLive™ launches CamPro Express to simplify your everyday tasks ofv IPCam management. Once buying any type of AirLive IP Camera*, you will get a full version of CamPro Express.

Datum: 28.1.2012 00:00