Passive PoE Injector

  • Jednoduchá instalace PoE zařízení jako AP, CPE, IPCam, IP telefony, ...
  • Akceptuje max. 57V Voltů na vstupu
  • Doporučené pro AirLive PoE zařízení - g.Duo, AirMax5 a AirMax2
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Passive PoE Injector

Autor: Neudert Leoš

The POE-1P is a gadget which can apply to passive PoE application. You can use it as PoE splitter or PoE injector as your need. It uses the power adapter that comes with your network device. There is no need for special PoE power adapter. It is recommended to use on G.DUO and AirMax5.

Datum: 28.1.2012 00:00