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USB Joystick Control Panel for AirLive CoreNVR

  • Metal Housing
  • 3-Axis Precision Movement
  • Standard USB Interface
  • 12 Programmable Keys
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USB Joystick Control Panel for AirLive CoreNVR

Autor: Neudert Leoš

AirLive ACC-Joystick-NVR is an accessory for controlling PTZ cameras on AirLive CoreNVR series. It features 3-Axis auto coordinate orientation with precision movement, standard USB interface and 12 programmable keys which allows user to re-define the function of each button on configuration page of CoreNVR. Those functions are able to fully controls of PTZ movement and also some friendly controls on CoreNVR such as full screen switch, channel and division switch. You will find how easy to control both CoreNVR and PTZ camera with this accessory.

Datum: 8.11.2013 11:21