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POE Pan-Tilt Night Vision IP Camera

  • POE Pan-Tilt Night Vision IP Camera
  • Support Night Mode IR
  • HTTPS Encryption for enhanced internet security
  • Simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 Dual Streaming
  • Supports Two-Way Audio
  • UPnP for fast and easy installation
  • 2.5G or 3G Mobile Phone Live Viewing
  • 32 channel surveillance software
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POE Pan-Tilt Night Vision IP Camera

Autor: Neudert Leoš

The POE-260CAM is an advanced POE IP camera with Pan and Tilt function. You can set a particular patrol area; it will then move its lens in both horizontal and vertical direction continuously to scan the area. Or you can remote control the camera to look in the desirable direction.

Datum: 28.1.2012 00:00