Fish eye


2-MegaPixel Wall Mount Fish Eye PoE IPCAM

  • Panoramic 180 & 360 Degrees Full View
  • H.264 & MJPEG Video Compression
  • 2 Megapixels Resolution at 1600 x 1200 Pixels
  • Micro SD Card for Local Storage
  • Built-In Speaker & Microphone
  • Power-over-Ethernet 802.3af
  • Mechanical ICR
  • Advanced e-PTZ
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2-MegaPixel Wall Mount Fish Eye PoE IPCAM

Autor: Neudert Leoš

AirLive FE-200CU is a Fish-Eye Network Camera; it is featured with superior H.264-AVC performance and rich functions. It includes a fish-eye lens for 360° wide angle view without blind spot. AirLive FE-200CU provides the user modes of multiple video, including source image, double broad view, triple mode view and quad view. It also supports 3 display modes: wall mount, ceiling mount, and wall mount 720P. Thus, AirLive FE-200CU is very suitable to view a wide area with single camera such as hallway, store, office, and etc. Intended to be a wall mounted IP Camera, it is flexible at wherever the camera might be attached to. The design of the camera allows having the Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount and Table Mount. Panoramic with 180° and 360° Surveillance Area and e-PTZ Function AirLive FE-200CU enables you to monitor a room in high-resolution quality and without any blind spots. AirLive FE-200CU is a discrete camera. Mounted to a ceiling, it provides 360° surveillance covering the entire room. It also has been designed for wall mounting and has a 180° surveillance area. With just one camera, up to 4 virtual cameras can be displayed. Using the e-PTZ function, all view angles can be adjusted by a mouse-click in a fast and intuitive way. Surveillance of a room has never been easier. High Quality 2.0 Mega Pixel Imag AirLive FE-200CU equips a 2.0 MegaPixel sensor for capturing the high quality video stream. With this sensor, AirLive FE-200CU is capable to capture images up to 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution. One of the most compelling advantages of MegaPixel surveillance systems is the ability to capture more details in a frame and at the same time not missing any finer details, that are useful for such as license plate identification and human recognition. Micro SD Card Recording and 802.3af PoE Memory card provides local storage function for saving image files to the specified SD card in your camera. This function can be enabled only when you insert the well-operative Micro SD/SDHC card to the camera. The camera has 802.3af PoE port so you can install it away from the power source. IR-CUT Removable (ICR) AirLive FE-200CU equips with ICR. IR-CUT Removable is a gear which will adjust the IR filter for adapting the light condition in the environment. With ICR, AirLive FE-200CU can be used for most of indoor locations. Support Built-in Microphone and Speaker AirLive FE-200CU has the built-in microphone and speaker, so a user can use two-way audio function without external microphone and speaker 64-Channel Recording Software and IP Wizard AirLive FE-200CU comes with free 64-channel recording software that provides video recording and live view function. In addition, the recording software even provides camera tempering detection for someone tries to move or block the camera. We also include the IP Wizard Utility that can search and configure AirLive IP Cameras and the wireless Access Points. APPS for Android and iOS AirLive has worked with IPCAM Viewer developer to add support for AirLive IPCAM. So you can view multiple AirLive cameras using Android device, iPhone, or iPad. For more information about Android or iOS apps, please visit the FAQ page.

Datum: 26.10.2012 00:00