Luxriot has integrated VD-2028 a SD3030

AirLive cameras VD-2028 and SD3030 have been integrated into the VMS software LuxRiot. For more information, visit here.
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AirLive has integrated Asustor

Asustor, a manufacturer of NAS devices not only for storing recordings from the cameras, the newly integrated into the list of supported cameras AirLive products. Their list is available here.
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You have purchased the product AirLive and need help to reset it? Call weekdays from 9 to 17 hours technical support.

Accessories for cameras

Wide range of accessories for the camera (holders, covers, illumination, lenses ...).
Range of accessories

Surveillance Design

We can help you design your CCTV system, to gain maximum support from the manufacturer, or even design prices. If you need, we can also deliver the entire system on a turnkey basis (ie including configuration and installation).

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We have an interesting video on youtube. Definitely worth a look here

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IP-200PHD-24Česká republikaČeská republika
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CU-720PIRČeská republikaČeská republika
DM-720Česká republikaČeská republika

Do you have a camera installed on the AirLive interesting place and you'd be willing to add it to our website? Write to us: airlivecam@k2n.cz.
Online live demo

We are team who cares about technical trainings (Middle Europe now) and hotline (Czech and Slovak republic). We would like to share information about Airlive products with customers.